To fully enjoy our encounter…
Please be on time. If something happens and you cannot avoid being late, please call and let me know
1. Please be freshly showered (your morning shower does not count), well-groomed and have fresh breath. A shower is available. If you need to shower at the in call, please realize that it is part of our session time.
2. Please have my donation already counted and placed in an unsealed envelope in plain sight when you arrive. Then excuse yourself to wash up.
3. Never talk about money, never discuss or allude to any sexual acts before being screened or on the phone.
4. If you would like to extend our time together and my schedule allows it, please take care of the additional donation immediately. Please be respectful of my time.
5. Please be a gentleman at all times. Treat me with respect and you will be given the same in return.
6. Do not be inebriated and do not use drugs in my company. You may bring wine or beer to share with me, but please do not be offended if I choose not to imbibe with you.
7. NEVER suggest any behavior that is unsafe.
8. I reserve the right to terminate the date if the aforementioned rules are not observed.
9. The donation is never negotiable. If you must question whether I am worth the requested donation I am not the companion for you. Please have my donation placed in an unsealed envelope along with your state ID in plain sight when you arrive. Mixing business with pleasure can be complicated so I prefer to bring a speedy end to the business side of things so we can relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Please do not give my personal information to other hobbyists or providers. Do not give my number to providers, I do not give references over the phone.
If we have met, you do not have to let me know you are using me as a reference. Please have the providers you wish to see email me or PM me via the boards. They will need to provide me with the link to their web site and references, so I can verify they are legit and not LE, then I will provide the vouch of you.
Please be discrete for both our sake. When coming or leaving the incall please keep it on the quiet side. I will be awaiting your arrival so we can exchange greetings once the door is closed behind us.
I am a kisser so besides smokers breath, bad breath is a big turn off for me. If your oral hygiene is foul don’t be surprised if you do not get kissed. A breath mint, mouth wash or brushing your teeth is always a good idea before a date.
I am a mature provider, if you are someone who likes to see the young spinner types, I don’t think I am your type.
If you think it is a turn on for the ladies when you cover yourself in AXE or some other cologne, I hate to be the first to break the news to you, no! Ladies generally prefer a shower fresh clean scent.
Please do not ask about the donation or any BCD activities. The information is available elsewhere on this site and my reviews are out there and give a good idea of what I am about. Do not send me any photos of you, I will not open any attachments, I do not need any viruses on my computer. Do not send me your links to your FB or Twitter accounts. They do not tell me how you behave BCD with a lady. No proper screening, no meeting, no exceptions!